Celebrate Everything Acadian

Join us for the Madawaska Acadian Festival

The Acadian people have a rich history that spans two continents. Today, Maine is one of the areas that they call home. For 45 years, Madawaska Acadian Festival has celebrated everything Acadian in Madawaska, ME. We bring a week of amazing events to the Madawaska community that highlights the local culture and bring rich history to the general populace. We do not charge an entrance fee for our festival, and the only ticketed event is our concert.

Would you like to help support our festival? Email acadianfestival@gmail.com today if you're interested in sponsoring.

Creating an entertaining event for the entire community

When the Madawaska Acadian Festival was founded, it celebrated and highlights one Acadian family every year. Nowadays, it celebrates Acadian culture as a whole. The unique blend of English and French cultures in this area has created a beautiful culture of many years that has something for everyone. If you join us for a festival, you can experience unique:

  • Food - we cook up amazing Acadian cuisine for all attendees
  • Dancing - we share amazing dances passed down through generations
  • Music - we turn up the music with traditional tunes and live performances
With a whole week of events for all ages, you and your family will have plenty to enjoy at our festival. We have new events and vendors every year through our generous sponsors, and we love to share our culture with everyone. Contact us today if you have any questions about the Madawaska Acadian Festival.